Marketing to use Emotional Media strategy to Wake Up Emotions

Data: 07/03/12 · Professional

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We hear frequently in Online Marketing discussions on how important is content, or “content is king”. Well, I think content is important, but it is worthless if it does not suggest you any emotion. At the end, as a human beings, we are build-in and act in response to some type of emotion.

In this post I just wanted to emphasize that within marketing tactics not all is about audience volume or conversion improvements, but it is also about your ability to wake up people emotions. Think about it.

What do you need to generate emotion?. I think you need minimum the following elements:

Dream: it can be a dream for people what are you saying/offering?

Expectation: client can realistically experiment that story/offer?

Immediacy: it is possible to experiment that in short time?

Unique: how exclusive is it?

Sharing: can be shared with others?

Disney is probably the best example of a company that sells dreams, that can be realistically experimented (at the Cinema. At least kids enjoy Disney movies as it were real to them), it is immediate consuming, Disney movies are very unique and can be shared with others (family, friends who come with you to watch the movie).

Disney for me is a good example of Emotional Media company.

I think we all need to go to Disney model. I think Social Media is a great tool to help generate and spread those emotions. Marketing need to be emotional, as people are. Let’s create/convert content to Emotional Media version to sell more (attract more people, be more interesting, generate desire, improve conversions and build brand loyalty).

Emotional Media can be defined as the content that can raise emotions and those emotions spread trhough Social Media. Content can be defined here as a message, offer, story…. and can be displayed though different devices and formats (transmedia), web, mobile, video, TV…

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